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4 Jul, 05 > 10 Jul, 05
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Other Quests

Monday, 4 July 2005

Other Quests
Other Quests

MagicBeerCan Quest
Difficulty: Moderate

Reward: A magic can (gives the ability to teleport to any tavern in DC *once*)Start: Talk to Baron Warsow in Vain Constructions
Objective: Collect the Upper and Lower halves of the DC Map to make one
Solution: Talk to Baron Warsow in Vain Constructions. He'll tell you to talk to Shamen Xin'Toch located in the same room than Rancid in Rancid's wasteland. Shamen Xin'Toch will ask you to collect an Upper and Lower half of two maps of DC to make one. Attack high rollers until one drop a "Top of DC map piece" and mind composers till one drop a "Botom of DC map piece" then go back to the shaman who will give you a "Map of DC", hand it in to Baron Warsow who will give you the can. Yet, I DO NOT reccommend you do this quest, it is worthless. It takes more time to do the quest than to get across DC just by urself!

Casino Manager
Difficulty: Moderate
Reward: a bomb
Start: In the casino talk to the Casino Manager.
Objective: Kill Fat tony and bring his head back
Solution: This one is weird, since Fat Tony is in the casino AND the night club, but go kill Fat Tony and bring back his head to The Casino Manager for your reward.

Shady Merchant
Difficulty: Really Really Easy
Reward: 65 exp
Start: In room 3, talk to Shady Merchant.
Objective: Take the arms shipment to ganglord revelges
Solution: Um . . . take the arms shipment to ganglord revelges, lol. He's in room 5, Rancid's wasteland.

Tavern Regular
Difficulty: Really Really Easy
Reward: 100 exp
Start: Talk to the tavern regular in the dusty glass tavern.
Objective: Take the mug to the barkeep in Chugger's Palace Bar
Solution: You just have to move around DC for this quest. Bring the mug to Chugger Palace Bar. Unfortunately, at least on the torax server, this is not opperational.

Officer Tubbs *Not Complete*
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: (250 + 200 exp)
Start: Talk to Officer Tubbs
Objective: Kill 10 Rancid Elites and get 1 blackheart diamond. Take DVD to Trent's Bankroller.
Solution: First talk to Officer Tubbs, who will tell you to go kill 10 Rancid Eltes, which can be found in Rancid's Wasteland Camp. He also asks for the blackheart diamond, which is droped by the Rancid Elites. When you are done go to Officer Tubbs and he will give you a DVD and take it to Trent's Bankroller. Trent's Bankroller then tells you to go and get a note from Rancid to Tubs. You should go and attack Rancid to get this note. After that, go give the note to trent.

A Hoodrat
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 2,500 exp (500 + 500 + 1500 exp)
Start: talk to a hoodrat, in room 72, on Parson's Lane
Objective: Kill 31 Ghouls
Solution: After you talk to a hoodrat and accept the quest, go to the constrution site and around there you will find the ghouls. After you kill all of them go to the hoodrat and you get 500 exp and a whirling essence. Take the essence to the Jackhammer Brute in the construction site. He will give you a message, take the message to Art Vandale in the Cement Block Company. You get 500 exp tells you that you can take whatever you need. Go up one room and attack the Cement Palette and the Roll of Wire Mesh. They will drop the items. Talk to the Jackhammer Brute and offer him the Cement Mix and Wire Mesh. You then get 1,500 exp.

Poised Gargoyle
Difficulty: Moderate
Reward: 3,000 exp
Start: Talk to the Poised Gargoyle in the Synge Destruction Area
Objective: Defeat 27 Stone-Scaled Basiliscs and obtrain 1 Gargoyle Wing
Solution: The 27 Stone-Scaled Basiliscs can be found right there in the destruction area. And while attacking, you should get 1 Gargoyle Wing. Take the wing and talk to the Poised Gargoyle and give him the wing (after u kill the Basiliscs). You will then get your reward.

Minh the Masta
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 2,500 exp
Start: Talk to Minh the Masta in the Sunken Boat house
Objective: Take a document folder to Harmonick Sourcerer.
Solution: Accept the quest and take the foler to the Hamonick Sourcerer in the Hall of Fame. Talk to him and he will give you a document folder. Take the folder back to Minh the Masta. You will then receive your reward.

Winslow Farha

Difficulty: Medium

Reward: 10,000 exp (1,000 + 1,500 + 2,000 + 2,500 + 1,000 + 2,000) + Goulish Augment + Death Knight Augment + Undead Magus Augment + Experience Augment + Magic Bear Can

Start: talk to Winslow Farha in the Holy Cathedral

Objective: Part 1 - Get 10 crystal shards, Part 2 - Kill Ghoulish guys, Part 3 - Kill Death Knights, Part 4 - Kill Undead Mages, Part 5/6 - Get Vial of Purification

Solution: Get the crystal shards by attacking anyone in the Holy Cathedral, the drop rate for everyone is about 1 in 5. Get the ten and give them to Winslow Farha. He tells you that there will be body guards protecting their master. The First wave is the Goulish Guys, kill them all and talk to Winslow Farha. He tells you to go kill the 2nd wave, so go kill all the Death Knights. After you kill everyone, go back to Winslow Farha and talk to him. He tells you to kill the 3rd and final wave of Undead Mages. Once you kill all of them, talk to Winslow Farha yet again. He will give you a letter to take to Racheon Spirit (Which he spawns). Then the Racheon Spirit will give you a Vial of Purification. You take this vail and go to the very middle room of the whole Holy Cathedral. Talk to the Cursed Master and give him the vail. He will be cured and you get your rewards!

Path of The Secret Order *INCOMPLETE*

Difficulty: Insane

Reward: Sacred Blade of the Order + (unknown) exp ( 100 + 1,750 + 250 + 250 + 250 + 3,000 + 1,500 + 750 + 750 + 750 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 200 + 750 + 500

Start: Talk to Kenzo in the Chuggers Palace Bar

Objective: 1) Find Kenzo's Ring 2) Get Magic Box (Which you will need Raw Titanium and Titanium Hinges for) 3) Obtain an Elemental Set 4) Obtain a Noc Set

Solution: When you go talk to Kenzo, he tells you that to join the Secret Order you must find him his lost ring somewhere in the Casino. Anybody drops the ring, and drop rate is maybe 1/30. Give the Ring to Kenzo and he tells you to go to Calin who is in the Hard Iron Saloon. Talk to Calin, and he tells you he needs his Magic Box that Mafisto has. So you are given a letter and you go to talk to Mafisto who is in the Dusty Glass Tavern. When you talk to Mafisto he tells you he needs Titanium Hinges, and that a shady merchant can help you. You can find a shady merchant in the Synge Destruction Area. When you talk to him he asks you for an elemental set. Give him the set and he will give you the Raw Titanium. Take these back to Mafisto, and he says he needs some tools. He says that Jack the Blacksmith can get these tools. jack the black smith is in the foundry the very last room to the west. Talk to him and he tells you to go take a toolbox to Leon's Helper who is in DC Enforcers in the same room as Leon the Mechanic. He tells you to go back and say thanks to Jack the Blacksmith. Go back and he gives you the Titanium Hinges. Take these Titanium Hinges back to Mafisto and he then gives you the Magic Box. Go to Calin and talk to him (Then talk to him again to have your "chat"). You then start your quest to being a member. Go talk to Hanabi the Great in the Dead End Zone. He tells you to go talk to Jugan the Stubborn. You can find him in the Sewers. He asks you for noc armor.

Posted by boneneck94 at 10:12 AM PDT

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